A Shift Between Worlds

Reality isn’t what it appears to be. Contexts are not always clear and visible. People don’t always say what they really mean. And they don’t always mean what they say. When life is your stage director, anything can happen.

Kirsi Nevanti presents A Shift Between Worlds, her research that investigates bending identities. This presentation forms a significant part of her doctoral thesis work and refers to parallel realities, consisting of a photographic artwork, an audio work and a 3-screen projection.

Kirsi Nevanti is a filmmaker with several shorts and creative documentaries under her belt and a characteristic personal style. Her two feature-length films Among The Elves (1999) and Tomorrow Never Knows (2007) have been presented at some of the world’s most highly acclaimed international documentary film festivals: IDFA in Amsterdam and Critics’ Week in Locarno, as well as at Swedish Film Week in Tokyo.

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forskning idé&producent:kirsi nevanti konstnärlig forskning man for a day research
Nobel museum 2013/11
Loitering with intent 2014/03
Illumination Helsinki 2014/05

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