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Dance Degree Project: Taika Rautiainen

Taika Rautiainen: Wrinkles Fairytales presents: Non-Sensesceneries It is like a sweetshop - colourful surprises, fast ideas, pale characters and emerging encounters here and there and everywhere. The work dives into the space between our experiences and expectations, the doing and the effect by...

Dance Degree Project: Sigrid Sjöholm

Sigrid Sjöholm: -practical, efficient, necessary- A necessary movement is a practical movement that is in relation to survival and sprung out of urgency. It is a movement that is always in relation to something else, and therefore is a result of, and results in, something. Necessary moving is...

Dance Degree Project 2021: Natalia Drozd

Natalia Drozd: Tailbone-ing movement practicePerformative-participatory practice presentation. In my degree project, I've been researching tailbone movement and its connections in the dancing body. I'd like to invite all audience members to participate in a guided tailbone-ing movement practice...

Dance Degree Project 2021: Marie Mazer

Mariê Mazer: Rebola, senta, joga, quica Despite the amount of violence, they had to put up with, Afro-Brazilian women built an entire dancing country by shaking their asses in magnificent and divine ways. They have cultivated, lapidated and passed on the pleasure and the power of bending over,...

Dance Degree Project: Heta Asikainen

Heta Asikainen: That Time I Swam in a Storage Room Four dreamers welcome the spectator to attend an ephemeral moment filled with dream imagery. That Time I Swam in a Storage Room is an attempt to let go of our relentless need for immediate sense making, and to open up to the ramblings of our...


Stockholms konstnärliga högskola (SKH) utbildar och forskar inom cirkus, dans, danspedagogik, film, media, opera, scenkonst och skådespeleri. Högskolan har cirka 500 studenter och 200 medarbetare.

Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) provides education and conducts research in the fields of circus, dance, dance pedagogy, film, media, opera, performing arts and acting. The university has about 500 students and 200 employees.


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