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Dance Degree Project: Wilma Seppälä

Wilma Seppälä Act Four: Scene of Sentimentality Scene of Sentimentality is a melodramatic movement spectacle. Turning its back to minimalism, the choreography works on drama and theatricality in relation to physicality and welcomes over the top emotions and pompous aesthetics to take the centre...

Dance Degree Project: Wilma Maunula

Wilma Maunula DARK BLISSrather using your imagination than planning / wandering walks / letting experience be larger than knowledge / choosing reality rather than the plan / not against interpretation, against confinement / respecting the essential mystery of a work of art / opening up an...

Dance Degree Project: Tone Johannessen

Tone Johannessen ERGO You will meet two friends. They are about to embark upon a journey together. They will be given instructions on how to play the game. A game that might be a lie to catch your attention. You will meet girls and boys, a baby, a pianist, two wizards and many others through the...

Dance Degree Project: Taika Rautiainen

Taika Rautiainen: Wrinkles Fairytales presents: Non-Sensesceneries It is like a sweetshop - colourful surprises, fast ideas, pale characters and emerging encounters here and there and everywhere. The work dives into the space between our experiences and expectations, the doing and the effect by...

Dance Degree Project: Sigrid Sjöholm

Sigrid Sjöholm: -practical, efficient, necessary- A necessary movement is a practical movement that is in relation to survival and sprung out of urgency. It is a movement that is always in relation to something else, and therefore is a result of, and results in, something. Necessary moving is...


Stockholms konstnärliga högskola (SKH) utbildar och forskar inom cirkus, dans, danspedagogik, film, media, opera, scenkonst och skådespeleri. Högskolan har cirka 500 studenter och 200 medarbetare.

Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) provides education and conducts research in the fields of circus, dance, dance pedagogy, film, media, opera, performing arts and acting. The university has about 500 students and 200 employees.


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